CrewPlan is now Volunteerly

Don't worry you have landed the right place, CrewPlan is now Volunteerly.

Why ? When we decided on the name CrewPlan we were mainly focused on our regional market in Denmark, where volunteers in the event and festivals are often refered to as  CREW. Little did we know (or think) that going outside Denmark and the nordic countries, a crew are more often the ones working on airplanes so we decided to look for a new name for our product - Volunteerly - the name says it all for us. 

Volunteerly are only focused on organisations and events where volunteers makes it happen, we do not offer payroll or timesheets for café's, restaurants or hotels looking for a workforcemanagement software. We only care about volunteering as we ourself are involved in volunteerwork.

So have a look at how Volunteerly might help out your organisation.

Go to the frontpage and read about our great little application, that will make your life so much easier if you work with volunteering.